Man Reunites With Gorilla After Five Years Apart

Five years before, Damian Aspinall, a millionaire entrepreneur and conservationist, had been caring for six young gorillas in his wildlife park in rural England. One of them was Kwibi, who was quite close with Damian. All six gorillas were freed – released into the wild.

Damian had heard some news, and couldn’t help but travel to the African country of Gabon – where Kwibi was suspected to still be after his release. He had hoped to reunite with the ten-year-old gorilla, but there was no telling what would happen. Although Damian describes the gorilla as very sweet, he had been reported as hostile with other humans while in Gabon.

After five years apart, it wasn’t sure if they would even find him. Additionally, had they found him, the group wasn’t sure how Kwibi would even react to their presence.

Soon after, they spotted Kwibi who was bewildered by Damian’s voice. They proceeded cautiously, having a plan just in case Kwibi wasn’t friendly. However, once Damian came close, it was clear that Kwibi was beyond happy to see him.

An absolutely sweet moment. Their bond was still strong, even after five years.

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