Dogs Were Locked Inside A Home, Happy After Rescue

Guardians of Rescue specialize in animal rescue operations. Every now and then, they find animals in a heart-wrenching state as a result of people being heartless.

Neighbors of a home called the organization about an unusual amount of barking at the house. However, there was no family living in this home – the previous tenants had been evicted. What they left behind broke many peoples hearts. Two dogs were locked inside the home.

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One was left in a cage, and the other was left to wander the house. However, they could not leave. The concerned neighbors threw food inside through a window to keep the dogs alive, but they called Guardians of Rescue to rescue them for good. Frankie Floridia rose to the occasion.

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When Floridia came in, he was in shock. The anxious dogs were hesitant, but they soon welcomed Floridia’s presence. He noticed the house was layered with filth, but that didn’t stop Floridia from rescuing these dogs.

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Once they were taken outside, these anxious dogs transformed into happy and excited ones. After being shown neglect, they only wanted love.

After being cleared for any health problems, they were ready for adoption.

In fact, both of them have found caring families. The girl, Sky, has found her forever family, and the boy, Max, is under the care of a foster family. Amazing!

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