He Saw Him Holding Hand With An Elderly Woman And Took a Photo, But Never Expected This!

When a customer shared a photo on Facebook of Brandon Rollins, who works at grocery chain Ingles in South Carolina, assisting an elderly woman across the parking lot, he never expected it would go viral. But that’s exactly what happened!

The man, Bo Graf, asked the employee about his kind act, a humble Rollins “acted like it was no big deal,” according to The Huffington Post.

Bo Graf /Facebook

“The sight left me with a positive outlook on the future,” Graf wrote on Facebook.

“This weekend left me with such doubt and sadness for Our America! I personally haven’t seen anything like this in years and thought everyone should see/feel this moment as well,” Graf wrote before adding: “This is how America should be! And hopefully, this is the America of tomorrow!!!”

Luckily, Rollins’ kindness didn’t go unappreciated as he received a cake from his employers, praising his actions.


And though Graf told reporters that he’s shocked his post went viral, he believes the gesture illustrates an important lesson that should resonate with all.

“It doesn’t matter what ethnicity, religious belief — we’re all the same. We’re all one, and we can help each other out,” he said. “That’s what people in the world need to see. We can come together as one. It doesn’t matter your background.”

I hope this worker’s sweet gesture serves as a reminder that the world can be a pretty decent place.

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