Stolen Dog That Was Forced To Fight Reunited With Owner Two Years Later

Two years before, the family pit-bull, Nina Louise, was stolen from their home. The Mars family did everything in the power to find her, and even offered a $500 reward for anyone to bring her back home. Unfortunately, after spending countless hours searching, Nina Louise was nowhere to be found.

The Mars family thought that they would never see Nina Louise again.

That was until a photo of an emaciated dog recovered in a cockfighting raid was posted on the web. Despite being significantly thinner and scarred all over, the Mars family had no doubt that it was their long lost pup.

Nina Louise had scars all over her body, and officials suspected that she was used to train others how fight in the ring.

They called the Humane Society of Marlboro County to see if they still had Nina Louise under their care. What they were told was a significant relief.

They picked up their dog the next day, and to much surprise, they had found out their dog had become a mother to 10 pups! While Nina Louise takes care of her pups, the Mars family will ensure that she gets back to her old self.

Nina Louise will never have to fight again.

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