Dog Looks Into Bucket, Discovers Source Of Happiness… And OMG It's Contagious!

This rescue dog named Buddy is so excited about the prospect of a ball being thrown that he breaks into a happy dance.

The video, which shows Buddy using a ball-throwing machine called GoDogGo, went viral within hours of being posted to Facebook on June 7. It has since been viewed over 73 million times and has over 1.4 million shares.

Buddy’s human, Rennie Berchard, told ABC News: “Once he learned how to actually play with it and use it himself, he just became very excited by it.”

“He’s just thrilled that he can do it on his own, and I think that’s the overall excitement for him. But he loves the anticipation,” he added.

While many people reacted with cheers for Buddy, some users blasted Berchard because they felt she should be throwing a ball for Buddy, rather than a machine

Others were worried that the machine was Buddy’s sole source of exercise. Yet, most commenters thought the video was pretty paw-some. The clip also highlights the joy that a rescue dog can bring into your life.

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