This Rescue Of A Mother Pit-Bull And Her Pups Will Amaze You

Hope For Paws, a non-profit animal rescue organization, has always been doing wonders when it comes to animal rescue operations. This rescue in particular has touched the hearts of millions.

Hope For Paws had received an urgent call for a homeless pit-bull in need of help. The pit-bull had wandered into someone’s yard, trying to find a safe place to give birth to her pups. She settled behind a tree, where she then brought 5 little pups into the world. She was clearly distressed.

Hope For Paws had surrounded the home’s exits with a plastic fence to ensure that this mother would be rescued with her pups. They approached cautiously, as this pit-bull wasn’t trusting at first. Once cornered, the pit-bull finally submitted, and soon realized that they were simply trying to help.

What happened next had me in tears:

After securing the pups and the mother pit-bull, they were taken to be washed of all fleas and ticks. However, something wasn’t quite right with the mother, so rescuers laid her down for an x-ray. It was revealed that an ingested bottle cap had been upsetting the mother’s stomach. To avoid surgery, they induced vomiting in hopes of removing the cap.

The plan worked!

The next day, they were taken to Little Red Dog Rescue for foster care. How they looked three weeks later is just amazing.

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