Students Donate Money From Prom For Children With Leukemia

High schoolers wait for this moment all year, and as the school year approaches it’s end, buzz about prom sparks up again to see who’s taking who to the dance. However, these high schoolers decided that the prom should be cancelled altogether. Instead, they wanted to use the money allocated for the dance to fund the treatment for children suffering from leukemia.

Recently graduated students from Pale High School showed their humanity by saving the money they would have spent on suits, dresses and expensive accessories. The total nearly reached $10,000!

Students walk in a parade to celebrate their prom after donating the money allocated for it.

Their shirts say “Step for life”, as they wanted to send a message that one small step for a person can mean a life-changing step for another.

School directory Nedeljko Gazivoda told reporters that this generation of students had achieved significant results in academic and related activities, especially through their humanitarian actions.

The students had raised almost $10,000 for children with leukemia.

Although many students took part in this act, some of them still ended dressing up for prom, in good spirit. “We hope that this will become a tradition,” said Gazivoda.

One of the students mentioned that they were inspired once they saw the amount of money and resources was dedicated to the event. With that money, they would rather help children suffering from leukemia.

Amazing students!

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