Beautiful Bride Stops Own Wedding To Breastfeed Her Crying Baby Daughter

When Christina Torino-Benton pictured her wedding day, she didn’t imagine her nine-month-old baby daughter would become the center of attention at the very moment she would have been saying her vows. But that’s exactly what happened when her nine-month-old daughter, Gemma, started crying in the middle of her June 18 wedding ceremony.

The morning of the wedding had been incredibly stressful for 30-year-old Christina, as her daughter, Gemma, was pretty crabby after missing her nap. Christina only got as far as meeting her husband-to-be, Danny Benton, 32, at the altar, before Gemma became inconsolable. She took one look at her fiancé and said: “It’s happening.” She then sat down and began to breastfeed.

Christina Torino-Benton / Facebook

“I made it work… I had to!” Christina told The Huffington Post. “Danny has always been so incredibly supportive on this breastfeeding journey, so he just nodded in agreement.”

No one blinked as the Canadian mama breastfed the couple’s daughter at the Resurrection of Our Lord Church in Lachine, Quebec, and the priest simply carried on with the ceremony. Christina said that she couldn’t have hoped for more supportive people around her as she delayed the ceremony to be with her daughter.

Christina Torino-Benton / Facebook

“The people at my wedding were not surprised with me feeding Gemma mid-ceremony because I’m always feeding her at some point or another in front of them,” Christina said.

Christina Torino-Benton / Facebook

“My dress was very forgiving, thank goodness. I was able to manoeuvre myself around it, and she immediately settled down.”

Christina Torino-Benton / Facebook

After taking her mother’s attention away for a few minutes, little Gemma allowed her mama to continue with the ceremony, and she is now married to the man she loves.

Christina and Danny have known each other since childhood; he was her first crush.

“My husband Danny and I have known each other since elementary school,” Christina said. “He was two grades ahead of me. I always was so drawn to him,” Christina said. “I feel like I knew we’d end up together one day.”

Christina Torino-Benton / Facebook

Christina concluded: “It was absolutely amazing. It couldn’t have been more perfect.”

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