This Camouflaged Creepy Crawly Will Send Tingles Down Your Spine

You can forget about looking under the bed and the toilet, or check the nooks, crannies of every room you walk into. The real danger may be camouflaged on a tree branch in your backyard.

This species of spider which wraps itself round a small tree branch, and virtually disappear, has made itself known on the internet and they’re enough to make any person squeamish about going outside.


The spider can blend into its background when resting on a twig and it takes a few minutes of intent gazing to detect the outline of the arachnid.


Chilling images of the ‘Wrap-around’ spider have been posted online on Imgur and the internet is freaking out. Luckily, US citizens will be relieved to find, this dangerous eight-legged fella is native to Australia.


The scary spider, which is also known as Dolophones turrigera and is considered one the most venomous spiders in the world. This one pictured below was spotted in Rotary Park in Lismore, New South Wales.


Did you know about this spider?

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