Teen Helps Stranger With Groceries, Man Helps Him Out Of Poverty In Return

Chauncy Black, a teenager from Memphis, was asking strangers if he could help them with their groceries in exchange for a bit a food for him and his mother. Many simply dismissed the teenager’s request, unaware the living situation Chauncy had at his current home.

Chauncy was looking for work and was seeking odd jobs here and there. He only wanted to support his disabled mother at home by paying the rent. At his home, he had little to no food or furniture, meaning he often slept on the floor. Additionally, he couldn’t afford to buy new sets of clothes for 3 years. Things can look pretty grim for any teenager in that situation.

However, one day, Chauncy approached Matt White, a stranger at the time, to see if he needed help. What resulted had left Chauncy in shock.

“When Chauncy approached me, it just tugged at my heart… Here comes Chauncy, just trying to get food for him and his Mom off of the grace of other people,” said Matt. “When I looked at him and saw what he was doing and what he was asking for, I said he was my hero.”

A friendship had formed between the two. White was inspired by the boy’s determination to get himself out of poverty, so he spent some time to buy groceries for Chauncy and his mother. Afterwords, White took to Facebook and crowd-funding site GoFundMe to support the teenager.

On GoFundMe, he writes:

“His name is Chauncy Jones Black, and last week, by God’s beautiful design, he met me. I’ll never forget it… What followed was perhaps one of the most cherished experiences of my life. That night, in a fun-filled shopping spree together, I was able to share in Chauncy’s life, learn his story, and for at least one night, help him with his struggle.

Chauncy lives in Memphis with his disabled mother. He is a straight A student who is doing his best to make it in a world with no money and very few resources. He wants to work and help his mother financially. He wants to become a successful business owner and offer jobs and opportunites to others in his community. What so many can take for granted, he wants. He wants food, he wants a bed, he wants to work and he wants a chance.”

Within 15 days, the response from the internet was staggering. It had gone viral.

Approximately 13,000 people had raised over $250,000 for the teenager and his mom. Even those who had already donated were offering to send him lawnmowers for the teen’s business, medical equipment for his mother and so much more.

Chauncy had wanted to start his own business so that he could provide for those around him, and White sparked that opportunity.

Matt White continues to support Chauncy, and they were both was blown away by the support and kindness of strangers.

The 16-year-old’s favorite subject is math, and, during the summer, he hopes to launch a lawn mowing business to take care of his mother.

Incredible! This man and many other have big hearts!

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