He Offers a Free Haircut To This Homeless Woman. Now Watch When The Camera Zooms In

In many respects, the homeless is a vulnerable segment of the population. Those experiencing homelessness not only experience personal and economic hardship they also frequently face discrimination and exclusion because of their housing status. This powerful video, however, challenges our assumptions about people who don’t have permanent housing in an eloquent, even poetic way.

In this short film, ‘The Regulars: Sidewalks Into Salons’, we meet J.C., a man who is still very much a professional hairstylist — he just doesn’t get paid for his work.

For the past 18 years, J.C. has been diligently lending his scissors to cut the hair of the homeless. But unlike other experts in the industry, he is currently without permanent housing himself. However, that doesn’t stop him from helping others.

“If you really feel good, it’s amazing what you can do,” he says about his work, and that certainly shines through in his muses. The homeless woman in the clip below had a priceless reaction when he styled her hair. I found myself both laughing and crying while watching this! But I won’t spoil it for you. You’ll just have to watch it yourself!

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