Marine Goes On Secret Mission To Rescue Puppy Stranded On The Battlefiled

Published on Jun 30, 2016

Being deployed on secret missions is not unusual for U.S. Marines. But when you picture this scenario, your mind usually goes to all sorts of classified things and dramatic tales of heroism. While Lieutenant Colonel Jay Kopelman’s story definitely involves heroism, his secret mission was unlike any other you’ve seen before.

When Kopelman was serving in the Marines and fighting in Fallujah, he found a puppy stranded on the battlefield. Sadly, soldiers aren’t allowed to keep pets, and since he wasn’t going home for another 3 months, he couldn’t take it with him. That’s when he decided to embark on the most awe-inspiring secret mission ever.

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Note: The video runs a couple of seconds of black screen before the report, please be patient, and Enjoy!

Now that is a secret mission! Pass it on!

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