These Sailors Noticed Something Odd Swimming Out In The Ocean. When They Got Close…

Published on Jun 30, 2016

While enjoying an outing off the coast of Naples, a group of Italian sailors spotted something small and furry struggling to keep it’s little head about the waves far out in the ocean. They decided to investigate and were shocked to discover a poor puppy that had apparently fallen off a ferry while on his way home with his new owner, but the ferry crew refused to stop and capture him.

The poor dog had clearly been in the water for a while by the time they found him. Fortunately, these amazing strangers were more than happy to pull him up to safety. The sweet pooch was completely exhausted and shaking from the cold waters.

According to Italian news outlets, his owners told the crew but they said the dog, named Noodle, had probably drowned. On reaching land, the owners reported the incident to the police. Noodle was eventually returned to his owners.

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