Biker Stops On Highway To Save Dog That Was Beaten Senselessly

Violence against pets should land you in jail – no question about it.

Brandon Turnbow // Facebook

Brandon Turnbow, a biker from Texas, got on his Harley on Valentines Day to meet with family, and he took the entrance ramp onto the highway. While cruising along, he noticed some movement inside a SUV pulled over on the shoulder. Curiosity got the best of him, and he came closer to inspect.

Looking at his rear-view mirror while passing, he noticed the driver hitting something, and it looked quite violent. What happened next had him turn around in an instant.

He saw that the SUV’s driver was furiously beating a little white dog with his fist.

“I watched in my rearview… [I] saw this guy throw the dog into the air [onto the] curbside and drive off”, said Turnbow. “I went after the guy just to give him a number one sign.”

Brandon Turnbow // Facebook

Turnbow returned to the pup laying on the side of the road. He knew he couldn’t let the little dog stay there. It could die from starvation, or be run over by other cars. Before he knew it, Turnbow had a new friend.

“And now I have a co-pilot. Mr. Davidson,” said Turnbow.

Brandon Turnbow // Facebook

Turnbow headed home to ensure the dog’s wellbeing. There, Mr. Davidson would have a new family and loving arms to fall into. No longer would he have to worry about a senseless man beating him.

Brandon Turnbow // Facebook

Lovely pup!

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