Couple Caught Shoplifting Diapers, Police Officer Buys It For Them

Often times, many individuals don’t get the recognition they deserve, including this officer.

A police officer in Redmond, Washington responded to a shoplifting incident at a nearby Target. Upon investigation, it was found that a couple were attempting to walk out the store with a few items. Usually, these kinds of incidents are related to individuals with drug addictions, those with a history of crime or those who illegally resell stolen goods. They were promptly detained.

The parents and their 2 children, one eight-year-old and one four-month-old, attempted to walk out the store with some items – diapers, clothes and a pair of shoes that had been put on one of the children’s feet.

A thorough supervisor had been reviewing the report, and had to turn to social media upon seeing this:

A portion of the police report.

Sometimes our officers don’t tell us everything. An attentive supervisor spied this in a recent shoplifting report

— RedmondWaPD (@RedmondWaPD) June 28, 2016

Recognizing the situation the family was in, the moment had moved the officer. The officer had contacted Target employees to see if he could buy the items for the children. He knew that they weren’t stealing toys, candies, electronics or jewelry, but only the necessities.

With his own money, he subtly returned to the register and bought the necessities for the family. He then directed the parents towards organizations and resources that would assist them with their needs.

The officer wishes to remain anonymous. However, that doesn’t change that this one has a big heart!

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