Michael Bublé Sings With Talented 15 Year Old After Being Interrupted By Woman In The Crowd

Michael Bublé, a singer, songwriter and actor, has many reasons to be loved by his fans. He’s done a number of charitable acts, has four Grammy Awards and has even more Juno awards. Even more, he’s very interactive and responds well with crowds at his concerts.

However, at this particular concert, Bublé was interrupted by a mother in the crowd. Surprised by her persistence in getting his attention, he decided to listen for a moment. She told him that her son had recently turned 15 years old, and that she wanted him to have the opportunity to get on stage with Bublé. She promptly called her shy son, Sam, to come forth.

Bublé, seeing that things went as far as they did, decided to agree. After bringing Sam onto the stage, he motioned his pianist to start his song “Feeling Good”. As Bublé begins to sing, he passes the microphone to Sam. What happens next had everyone, including myself, awestruck.

Bublé was so surprised, that he motioned his pianist to take it from the top so that they could sing together again. What Sam and Bublé shared on stage won’t be forgotten by either of them.

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