Optical Illusion Of Mobile Phone On A Rug Drives Internet CRAZY – Can You Spot It?

If finding a panda in a sea of snowmen was not challenging enough, a new brain teaser has hit the internet, and will have you pulling out your hair.

The image, which has been captioned “Find the mobile phone but don’t tell anyone when you’ve seen it”, has been shared on Facebook more than 200,000 times and people just can’t seem to get their head around it.

The picture shows a white table standing on a dark blue and cream floral rug, and apparently, somewhere on the rug is a mobile phone. It’s almost impossible to find, and you’ll be more than tempted to scroll down or the answer.

If you still haven’t been able to spot it, scroll down below to take a closer look.

Can you spot the mobile phone? Their clue – look next to the right table leg – but this doesn’t help much.

Look really closely and it becomes obvious where it is.

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