Soldier Asks Mom And Dad To Step Into This Pink House. Then He Reveals a Stunning Secret…

The recent economic recession hit soldier Jose Cordova’s family hard. Soon after he was deployed to Afghanistan, his father lost his job. Unable to make mortgage payments, the family house was foreclosed-upon. But this soldier embarked on a secret mission to save his family home.

Unknown to his parents, Cordova started saving each and every one of his military checks, eventually saving $30,000. While still in Afghanistan, Cordova called up a realtor to make a bid on his childhood home. The seller knew the family was down on their luck and agreed to lower the price. Finally, Cordova was able to buy back his family’s home, and he managed to do it while thousands of miles away!

Realtor, G. Varrato said: “I’ve been doing this for 25 years. I’ve never ever ever met a young man with the kind of commitment and compassion for family that Jose has. He is an incredible individual.”

After the sale was confirmed, Cordova was able to take a two-week leave from active duty to seal the deal and surprise his parents.

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