This Horse Has Not Seen His Old Friend In Years. Now Watch The Horse In Red…

Horses are known for being team players and developing a close relationship with their owners. But do horses remember each other and have emotions like we do? The video you’re about to watch may have an answer to that question and I have a feeling it’ll bring tears to your eyes.

In the winter of 2012, horse owner Sue repurchased Arthur, a horse that she bred but had to eventually sell in 2008. During this period, two of Arthur’s playmates from “foalhood”, Harry and William, came to stay with her.

Sue explains that “as foals, Arthur, William and Harry were a close trio.” They got separated when Arthur was sold off and William and Harry went to different owners. Four years passed before Arthur was re-purchased. But Sue wasn’t sure whether the three would have any memories of their youth spent together.

Sue arranged for their incredible reunion in an English field, the place where all three horses grew up together. She enlisted filmmaker Bruce Selkirk to capture the reunion on camera. The five-minute film you’re about to see is the editing down of nearly an hour of extraordinary footage. What took place at the moment of their reunion surprised all and affirmed Sue’s belief that “horses certainly have emotions and memories.”

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