Heroic Service Dog Saves Owner From House Fire, Calls 911 And Pulls Her Out

Yolanda, a golden retriever and service dog, was home in Holmesburg, Philadelphia with her blind owner when disaster struck. A fire had started somewhere in the home, and began to spread quite quickly.

Yolanda (Facebook // Red Paw Emergency Relief)

Yolanda, knowing her duty was to save her owner, called 911 on a specialized phone. She alerted police and firefighters of the emergency, and they promptly responded.

Yolanda then began to pull her blind owner, who is in her mid-sixties, out of the blazing home. Shortly after, emergency personnel were able to take the woman to the hospital. Despite having inhaled quite a bit of smoke, the owner was safe and sound.

Red Paw Emergency Relief, a group that helps displaced pets, posted Yolanda’s heroic act to their Facebook. Yolanda was gifted treats and toys for her actions.

Yolanda relaxing post-resuce. (Facebook // Red Paw Emergency Relief)

However, this isn’t Yolanda’s first act of heroism.

In the past, two robbers had broken into the owner’s home while she was asleep. Using the same specialized phone, Yolanda called the police. After ensuring that the owner’s bedroom door was closed, Yolanda began to chase the two men out of the home. Before the owner knew it, police were already on their way.

Additionally, the blind woman had fell unconscious in her home beforehand, and Yolanda was there to call emergency services.

This dog is a guardian angel!

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