Deputies Find Bear Who Locked Himselg Inside Car

When deputies Tillman and McLaughlin, from Jefferson County in Colorado, responded to a frightening 911 call from a woman reporting an intruder locked in her car, they were shocked after coming face to face with the perpetrator: a bear!

The officers found the furry animal locked inside the woman’s Subaru. McLaughlin caught the wild incident on camera. The video shows the bear moving from the front to the back, breathing on the glass and pawing at a window.

Tillman said the bear was “jumping from the back to the front running around as much as he could destroying about everything trying to get out.”

But the hungry critter appeared to bite off more than he could chew, judging by the chewed-up car interior.

“How did he get in? I don’t see a broken window,” McLaughlin can be heard saying on the video.

“I watched it trash my car on the inside. Called the police. They opened the back hatch and set the bear free,” the woman said before adding: “I didn’t know how a bear could be so destructive. The whole inside of the car is torn apart.

“I only had liability on my car so insurance is not going to cover the repairs.”

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