Orphaned Elk Nuzzles Firefighters Once The Put Out A Wildfire

This orphaned elk is adorable!

The firefighters of Kittitas county were working against a wildfire during the early-July holiday weekend. While taming the wildfire, these firefighters were approached by a incredibly friendly elk. It was Buttons, who is familiar with locals.

Photo // Richelle Risdon, AP

Unfortunately, Buttons was abandoned at a young age, and had to look for family elsewhere. After searching, she encountered some cows and goats living on a hillside – her new family welcomed her.

Photo // Richelle Risdon, AP

Now, Buttons spends her time hanging out with local wildlife, and beams with a friendly personality. When it comes to family, Buttons still resides with cows and goats, even though she’s had the chance to join other elk herds.

Photo // Richelle Risdon, AP

These firefighters couldn’t help but accept this kind-hearted elk’s nuzzles and kisses. Each firefighter was greeted by the loving elk.

Photo // Richelle Risdon, AP

Kittitas County Fire & Rescue captured the moment on their cameras as Buttons thanked them for their service. They posted the pictures on their Facebook page, which made locals quite happy to see their favorite elk back at it again.

Photo // Richelle Risdon, AP

Additionally, Kittitas County Fire District spokeswoman Richelle Risdon stated that she hopes the attention the pictures are getting will persuade hunters to steer clear of Buttons, and the area she lives in.

Normally, elk aren’t this friendly. Buttons really is one of a kind!

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