11 Perfectly Timed Sports Photos That Will Leave You Gasping. Wait Until You See #9!

If you follow sports, you know that in the heat of competition anything can happen. Thankfully, the camera captures all, forever preserving those awesome moments for al of us to see over and over again.

Check out these perfectly time photos and let us know which one is your favorite.

1. Where’d he go?

Image source: Imgur

Is that the invisible man, or did he punch his head clean off? People say hockey is a violent sport. I never used to think so until this one time I was watching a street fight and a hockey game broke out!

2. Focus … focus … focus!

Image source: Imgur

Is this a woman with no lower body? Boy, is she focused! I can’t even pay that much attention to stuff I really like. How is she able to concentrate like that? I guess I need to go back on my Ritalin.

3. Rodeo Clown Moment…

Image source: Imgur

Most people think being a rodeo clown is easy. But you have to be brave to step into an enclosed ring with a 2,000-pound angry bull!?!

4. My brain’s confused now!

Image source: Imgur

Either she’s the tallest woman ever, or there are two women in this picture. Are they water dancers, team divers? I have no idea what they’re doing, but I love this picture!

5 Holy …!

Image source: Imgur

Wow! It looks like he’s running on the water. I hope this man is fast enough to out run this wave! Would you ever be brave enough to try this for yourself? Me … I’ll pass, thank you very much!

6. Can you explain this?!

Image source: Imgur

I really don’t think his head is supposed to be like that. He’ll look like a giraffe before this match is over. Hopefully the referee stepped in and stopped this before his head popped off!

7. How in the …?

Image source: Imgur

The headless gymnast? This young woman is ridiculously flexible.

8. Cool!

Image source: Imgur

Since when did they start letting X-Men compete in the Olympics?!!

9. What the …?

Apparently, headless gymnastics is a thing now! This young woman took it one step further by grafting a foot where her head used to be. This way she can turn cartwheels and somersaults with ease!

10. Serves him right!

Image source: Imgur

Ouch! There is no way that man will ever be the same after this.

11. Wow!

Image source: Imgur

We’re seeing double with this beautifully timed photograph! The mirror-calm water perfectly reflects the skier. He’s so close to wiping out and ruining the whole effect.

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