Heroic Police Officer Saves Suicidal Woman As She Leaps From N.Y. City Building

In a heroic rescue, a suicidal woman was saved from leaping to her death after two police officers grabbed her from the ledge of a New York City building.

During the dramatic rescue, Natalia Ramos, 25 was pulled from the ledge of a four-story building by Emergency Service Unit detectives Brian Glacken and Madelyn McTague
Police positioned a safety pad on the street below at the corner of Essex Street and Canal.

Image: Daniel Shapiro

Ramos was reportedly distraught over losing her job and being dumped by her boyfriend when she climbed to the roof of her four-story apartment building in Manhattan.
Police reported to the scene at around 11am, when they found Ramos tearfully pacing the roof and threatening to jump as a crowd below looked on in horror.

As Ramos walked to the edge of the building, dozens of pedestrians stopped to watch the terrifying scene unfold, some taking pictures on their cell phones.
Ramos sat down, rocking back and forth and began taking deep breaths. She flung herself from the edge just as Emergency Service Unit Detective Brian Glacken got in position behind her.

As the crowd gasped, Glacken grabbed Ramos in mid-air, struggling with the weight of her squirming body, until Detective Madelyn McTague rushed in and pulled the two of them to safety. The crowd applauded at the rescue.

“She was standing on top of the building for a while, maybe 30 minutes,” thirty-two-year-old David Grand, who witness the incident, told the New York Post.

Ramos reportedly told police: “Everything has gone bad at once. I’m sorry. Tell my friend Rachel I’m sorry. Tell my mother I’m sorry. Tell Rachel to take care of my cats.” She also apologised for “wasting the taxpayer’s money,” the police source said.

According to the report, Ramos was relieved to be saved and asked for a cigarette. Officer McTague said: “I had one with her. We were both a little shaky.”

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