Whale Watchers Miss THIS Incredible Scene By Looking The Wrong Way

Yesterday, this group of tourists got on a boat and went whale watching off the coast of Sydney during the animals’ annual winter migration from the south to the north. They spent thousands to get there and waited for hours to catch a glimpse of the magnificent creatures. Then the unthinkable happens!

They were all looking starboard when a massive humpback jumped out of the water right beside them. But the unfortunate whale watchers missed the magnificent beasts as they are all looking the WRONG WAY!

Picture: John Goodridge

The huge marine mammal dwarfs the sightseeing boat which looks like it is just meters from the 40-tonne beast bursting from the waves to the left of the amazing photograph taken by British amateur wildlife photographer and whale enthusiast John Goodridge.

Picture: John Goodridge

Goodridge, who manage to picture the fantastic scene from another boat, said: “They were all looking the wrong way because about eight minutes before the whale had breached on the other side of the boat and they were waiting for it to come up again.”

Every year, thousands of humpbacks, some as big as 50 tonnes and 52-feet long, migrate along the Eastern Australian coastline from the cold waters of Antarctica to the tropics. Between June and August, pregnant females are often heading north to give birth to protect their calves from the colder southern temperatures.

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