79-Year-Old Veteran Successfully Fights Off Armed Robber

Robbers tend to go for the old and the weak, thinking that they’ll get an easy score. However, this robber didn’t expect this 79-year-old veteran to be so tough.

It was a Saturday morning, and Marvin Layle, a 79-year-old army veteran, pulled in to fill his gas tank. That’s when an armed robber approached him from the other side of the gas pump. He told Marvin to ‘give it up, old man’. The robber then took out a handgun.

However, this veteran wasn’t about to let his wallet and hard earned money be taken so easily. He fought back with spirit, and the robber was slow to react. After a short scuffle and realizing his opponent was quite resilient, the robber fled the scene, afraid of being caught by authorities.

This veteran got to keep his wallet, and it clearly shows that he still has a fighting spirit after all these years.

Even after the entire experience, this veteran offers some words of advice to his unsuccessful robber.


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