Caught On Film: Soldier’s Incredible Response To a Wounded Warrior Under Fire Stuns The World

It happened right in the middle of combat. An act of humanity so touching that just tears at your heartstrings. Army Captain Will Swenson was captured on video in Afghanistan helping Sgt. 1st Class Kenneth Westbrook after he had been shot in the throat. What he did next is truly remarkable.

As he helps Westbrook into a medivac helicopter, Swenson is seen in the video kissing and patting the wounded soldier on the head. Sadly, Swenson never saw Westbrook again. He was so severely injured he passed away 29 days later.

Westbrook’s brother had also died in combat four years earlier. After losing his second son too, Marshall Westbrook, Sr., said, “I can hardly talk, but we believe in Jesus Christ. We follow him. And even though we lost them, we know where they are.”

Swenson received the Medal of Honor for his bravery while defending his country. Watch her response in the incredible video below. God Bless Will Swenson, and God Bless our troops!

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