Veteran Reunites With Bomb-Sniffing Dog In Heartwarming Video

Sgt. Jason Bos had returned home from Iraq, and had an emotional parting from his partner in service – a military service dog named Cila. For over five years, the two worked together searching for roadside bombs and hidden weapons, with Cila’s bomb-sniffing nose leading the way.

A back injury had forced Bos to return home in Michigan, while Cila remained in service. Bos was unsure if he’d ever see his dear friend ever again.

However, the kennel master at his old base in Virginia contacted him with an offer. Cila had been retired from her military service, and she needed to be adopted.

Bos, of course, said ‘yes’. After filling out paperwork and arranging a place to meet, Bos simply couldn’t wait to see his old pal again. He nervously waited for Cila to arrive.

Bos nervously awaits for his old friend’s arrival. (Youtube // Chicago Tribune)

“I hope she remembers my voice,” Bos said.

Everyone turns heads as a dog can be heard walking around the corner. (Youtube // Chicago Tribune)

When the two meet, it’s clear that Cila remembers him well. However, it’s difficult to tell who’s more excited than the other!

Such a heart-warming reunion!

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