Mom’s Rushed Into Labor, But Then A Nurse Delivers Shocking News – This Is Unbelievable

As the medical staff at Moore Medical Center in Oklahoma City prepare the delivery room to care for a woman who was about to enter labor, they expected it to be a typical childbirth without any complications. However, things took a nasty turn for the worse when city officials announced a Level 1 tornado warning and the hospital was in its path.

Knowing how dangerous a tornado can be, doctors asked to reschedule birth; however, it was not possible. Shayla was already having contractions. There was not enough time, but a tornado was bearing down on the hospital, and the staff was ordered to evacuate the upper levels.

Suddenly, the entire building was hit by the powerful twister. As the staff scrambled for safety, Shayla was completely immobilized. The lower half of her body was paralyzed by her epidural. As the floors started to shake and the ceiling started to collapse, Shayla entered active labor.

“My biggest fear was that Shayla was going to deliver in the middle of this nightmare and we’re going to lose her baby,” a nurse recalled.

The nurses, more concerned about Shayla and her baby’s safety than their own, rushed to the operating room and rallied together. They clasped their hands, prayed, and worked tirelessly to deliver Shayla’s baby. As Shayla’s family feared for the worst, the nurses continued to work and believe.

Watch the video below to learn what happened next.

It’s comforting to know that Shayla delivered a baby boy named Braeden Immanuel that day. The two are healthy and well.

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