Mom Spills Screaming Baby’s Milk At Olive Garden. The Server's Reaction? She Never Saw It Coming

This mom’s experience with a server affected her so deeply, she had to share it on her Facebook page.

After a long, and difficult day, Dallas French decided to take her family to an Olive Garden restaurant to recharge. However, once there, things did not start out as smoothly as hoped for.

French had just spent the day at Arkansas Children’s Hospital with her baby, Ellee. Her daughter had undergone testing for E Coli, and after coming back positive, the family went to an Olive Garden restaurant to recharge. French describes what happened next in her Facebook post.


Comments left on the post not only quickly identified the young man as Rob Davis, but praised him for a previous act of kindness he has done for a patron.

Co-worker Laura Annette Veach gave him a shout-out for his kindness, saying “He’s a great soul. Everybody loves him. He knows how to brighten our darkest days.”

The story gained viral attention and Inside Edition posted this report on Youtube:

French and Davis both commented on the importance of showing kindness to others.

Kindness goes a long way. please pass it on!

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