Paralyzed And Pregnant Dog Gets Fairy-Tale Ending After Being Rescued

This resilient dog’s story just shows you that there’s still good in this world, despite what her previous owners did to her.

A little dachshund, named Maria, had only known pain and neglect for the majority of her life. She was forced to breed while being paralyzed from the ribs down – her owners had not cared for her well-being.

Maria grew weaker each passing day as she had to drag her body forward with her front legs, despite being pregnant. When Maria’s owner’s realized that Maria needed a $3,000 C-Section to deliver the pups, they abandoned her instead of going through the procedure.

Pregnant, alone and malnourished, Maria had nowhere to turn to. Regardless, the tough mama fought on for her life and the life of her babies. Soon, Friends of Emma, an organization dedicated to rescuing dogs in need, took Maria under their wing. Maria was now safe.

It was discovered that she was anemic from a flea infestation and suffering from a myriad of infections, but even that didn’t stop Maria. What follows just might be the definition of a fairy-tale ending for this dog:


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