Homeless Man Forgets His Backpack In A Taxi. Cab Driver Is SHOCKED To Find THIS Inside

What would you do if you found $187,000 in cash? Most of us have heard the familiar phrase “finders keepers”. However, sometimes what we find isn’t necessarily what we should keep. This was the case for 72-year-old Raymond MacCausland, a local Boston cab driver.

When Raymond dropped off a Saturday afternoon fare in Boston, he didn’t expect to make such a discovery. But after he picked up and later dropped off one passenger, he noticed that the passenger had left a backpack in the back seat. As Raymond searched through the backpack for any sort of ID card, he instead found large bundles of money, totaling $187,000!

With this amount of money in his cab and no passenger in sight, it would seem that most people in Raymond’s shoes would keep the money. But in good Samaritan fashion, he returned the enormous sum.

Raymond turned the car around and drove over to the nearby police station, only to give the money to the police. The money belongs to a homeless man who had just cashed his inheritance, Boston police said. The police were able to find the passenger and return the money after verifying the source.

As a reward, Raymond received a $100 reward. Although the reward was microscopic in comparison to the money Raymond had found, he was satisfied knowing what he had done.

“That’s the way I was brought up. I was told to do the right thing,” Raymond said.

The “upstanding, honest” cab driver of nearly 50 years found the money while searching in the backpack for some form of identification, Boston police said

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