Traffic Stop Turns Into Marriage Proposal In Amazing Setup For Girlfriend

Sometimes, trying your best to expect the unexpected is simply impossible.

Some men will spend countless hours thinking of the closest-to-perfect proposal. It’s the exact moment he will tell his significant other that he’d like to spend the rest of his life with them – it certainly is a life-changing moment. In order to make the moment memorable, being clever and smooth is a must. Brining an idea to life can be tough on your own, so turning to friends can help things go through without a hitch!

Two years earlier, a young man had been pulled over by a Royal Oak Police officer in a routine traffic stop. In the front passenger seat was a young woman – the two were on their very first date.

On the very same day two years later, the ROPD stepped in to help this man with the very same woman. The officers pulled them over, and began to search the young man. The girlfriend became very worried, but her reaction when she see’s the velvet ring box is priceless.

Thanks to the ROPD, this young man is now engaged, and it was all caught on video!

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