Florida Man Shot By His Dog. Wait Until You See How It Happened

Last week, a Florida man was shot and wounded by his dog, who walked away without charges, police said.

Gregory Dale Lanier, 35, of Frostproof, Fla., and his German Shepherd were in their truck in nearby Sebring when the dog kicked a gun that was on the truck’s floor. The gun went off, shooting Lanier in the leg, Sebring police said.

According to the police report, Lanier was driving along State Road 17 North when the dog “kicked the 9mm pistol.” It went on to say that Lanier was “surprised” to learn that the gun was loaded.

According to the Highlands Tribune, Lanier wasn’t seriously injured. Sebring Police Cmdr. Steve Carr said police didn’t arrest the dog because the investigation was pending. He also said he had never heard of a similar case.

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