Police Officer Delivers Baby After Being Flagged Down For Help

Officer Dan Templeton was driving to work in his squad car when he spotted something unusual. Most drivers try their best not to get pulled over, but a couple frantically tried to get the officer’s attention. What would follow, what Templeton describes, is the “highlight of his career”.

Despite being off the clock, he followed the couple into a parking lot of an auto-repair shop. Turning on the dash-cam, he stepped out of his squad car and cautiously approached, unsure of what he would find. That’s when he found Vanessa in the back seat, a woman that was already in the process of delivering a baby.

Officer Templeton simply couldn’t wait for paramedics to come once he assessed the situation. The baby was already crowning, unable to breath and blue from the lack of oxygen. Templeton immediately laid a blanket out on the pavement and got on his knees to deliver the baby. Only moments later, a baby boy named Jesiah was would be brought into the world – a life saved all thanks to Officer Templeton.

What an incredible act by this officer! Who know’s what would’ve happened if he wasn’t there to help.

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