Man Proposes To Girlfriend After Hiking, Results In The Most Adorable Reaction

Hiking is great way to connect with loved ones – you get to enjoy the great outdoors, you relieve stress, and reaching the just right spot can provide you with the most beautiful sight. At some point, you’ll want to take a picture just to capture the moment.

This video starts off with a couple standing atop McDowell Mountain for a successful-hike photo. However, the boyfriend starts having ‘trouble’ setting up the camera to capture the beautiful Arizona landscape behind them. The girlfriend, Rondi, patiently waited by giving him comforting smiles, having a few hiccups and observing the area around them.

Little did Rondi know that the camera was filming the entire time, and that it was all part of an act. When the boyfriend walked back and turned to her, she finally saw why he was ‘having so much trouble’ – he was about to take a knee to pop the question. Her reaction? Watch the incredibly cute moment for yourself:

Adorable! Rondi’s bubbly and sweet reaction (including her leg trembling from joy) just warms my heart.

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