Farmer Learns That Locals Are Starving, Donates Harvest To Feed Them

When you’re comfortably having three square meals and the occasional snack every single day, it’s easy to forget that there are many others that just can’t afford to do the same. Thankfully, many donate a few cans/non-perishables to food banks so that those that are staving can have a sufficient amount of food for their daily needs. Sometimes, however, it just isn’t enough.

Jonathan Lawler is a successful farmer and a hard-working father living in Indiana. Each year, his farm produces a hefty 700,000 pounds of crops that is eventually put on the market. It’s no surprise that Lawler’s work-ethic can achieve such results – Lawler also owns a transportation consulting firm as well, which helps pay the bills.

One day, Lawler’s son came home from school talking about his fellow classmates going to the food bank so that their families could have enough to eat. Lawler was surprised by the statement as miles of crops surrounded the community – he’d never thought that locals would be the ones needing the food.

“My awareness of hunger was limited to the homeless in Downtown Indianapolis. The last place I would expect it is in a rural farming community like where I live,” Lawler said.

The moment he learned, Lawler was inspired to make a drastic change. He refused to see members of his community starve, and he revamped his farm to support the needs of those around him. By the time ‘Year 1’ is over, he hopes to donate at least 500,000 pounds of crops to his community, food banks and soup kitchens.

It’s clear that Jonathan is a kind-hearted man, and that he only hopes the best for those around him. Sacrificing his business to keep his community fed is an act that shouldn’t ever go unnoticed.

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