Kid Starts Crying After A Hard Karate Test. The Instructor's Reaction? I Had To Hit 'Replay'

A viral video featuring a martial arts instructor telling a boy named Bruce “It’s OK to cry” after he begins to sob after breaking a block has emerged online, and it has set the internet abuzz.

The video was part of an initiation test in order for Bruce to get into the Cave of Adullam Transformational Training Academy in Detroit, Michigan.

The academy teaches a practice called Mūsar Rū, which was created by founder Jason Wilson and combines spiritual precepts of the Bible, meditation and mixed martial arts, reported the Huffington Post.

The footage shows Wilson guiding Bruce as he attempts to break a block with his fist. When Bruce finally does it, he begins to cry, prompting Wilson to ask why he is crying.

“It’s OK to cry. We cry as men,” Wilson tells Bruce in the video below.

When Bruce tells Wilson he is crying “because it’s hard to punch through -the block- with my left hand,” Wilson response left the internet in awe.

Wilson uses the situation to communicate a larger message to the young boy, telling Bruce that in life, you have to push through resistance.

“It’s going to take tears. It’s going to take the blood of Yahshua (Jesus) and your sweat to break through.”

Wilson then continues:

“And it’s good to cry so you can work through that emotion, so when it arises again, you can push it to the side, and do what you gotta do.”

The talk clearly has an impact on Bruce, because when he attempts to break the block a second time after their conversation, Bruce does it on the first try.

Watch the inspiring video below, and please pass it on!

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