12-Year-Old Girl Was About To Jump Off Bridge, Saved By Rookie Cop

It’s heartbreaking to see a child reach a point where sadness and stress makes them do something drastic. It’s important to take a moment to make sure everything is going ok with a child – bottled up emotions, a traumatic event or being treated badly can push anyone to the edge.

A 12-year-old had become upset with the group home she had been living at and decided to run away. There, she had been ‘treated poorly’ and the girl came to the conclusion that she’d be better off without them. Crying, distressed and alone, the girl walked up the the bridge with an 80-foot drop and threw her legs over the edge to contemplate the unthinkable. She was sitting on the bridge’s handrail – only 6-inches away from falling to her death.

Officer Chris Perez, who had been on the South Pasadena PD for about a year, was on routine patrol when dispatch came in with news of a possible suicide jumper on the bridge. The rookie responded immediately.

When Officer Perez arrived, he calmly approached the girl. He knew the situation was delicate, and anything he said could end in disaster. Despite being “a rookie”, Perez slowly and successfully talked like a veteran – the girl soon came to the other side of the handrail. There, she let him grasp her arm to give her a bear hug. She was now saved, all thanks to the patience and care of this young officer.

Amazing work by Perez! We can only hope that this young girl is now with her aunt, rather than the negligent caretakers that pushed her to do such a thing.

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