Dogs Ignore Burglars During A Break-In, Shocks Owners With Home Security Footage

Whenever a dog sees a squirrel, the mailman doing his job or the occasional jogger outside a window, it becomes terribly hard to resist the urge to bark – it’s a warning to others that they’re willing to do whatever it takes ward them off! Man’s best friend will do anything to protect their owners.

However, the same can’t be said about protecting property, especially when all a sweet dog wants is a good belly rub. Dogs will bark their hearts out at first, but when met with a calm hand, it seems as though the threat simply vanishes into thin air.

A team of burglars breaking into these homes were met with home-alone dogs. Security cameras inside caught the thieves successful stealing jeweling and other valuables. What the dogs were doing? Watch it for yourself:

They watched by the couch and were subdued by treats! Mike D’Abruzzo staged a few “break-ins” with homeowners to see what their dogs would do, and it always took them by surprise.

Personally, as much as I would want my dogs to fend off robbers during a break-in, I’d rather lose a few valuables than seeing them get hurt.

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