Mom Films Daughter Playing With Dad. But When Something Goes Wrong? Watch Dad's Reaction

“Those who are lucky enough to have a wonderful father will agree that dads are truly one of the greatest gifts a child can have. And as we’ve seen many times before, they’re the ultimate protector.”

In the video below, Mom is behind the camera filming her daughter playing with dad, who is in bed trying to catch some much-needed sleep. This may seem like the safest place for her little girl to play, but of course, disaster can strike anywhere.

At the 0:12 mark, the little girl stands up and starts to getting too close to the edge of the bed. Suddenly she loses her balance back and is a mere split-second away from falling, head first, and potentially injuring herself big time — but that’s when her dad’s incredible fatherly instincts kick in and catches his baby girl before she falls off the bed

I gasped during the super-quick moment of potential horror, and I’m sure you will, too. Thank goodness dad was able to save the day.

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