Mechanic Runs Out Of Shop To Save Baby With CPR

As a parent of a baby, you often make a checklist of the baby’s daily needs and other items to take care of emergencies. A couple bibs? Check. Baby bottles? Check. Filled diaper bag? Check. Pacifiers? Check. Baby toy? Check… the list goes on.

Checking everything on that list can make you feel ready for just about anything, but there are some things you can’t expect or really prepare for. In Spokane, Washington, Karen Garrison had gone out with her baby to shop for some clothes. Suddenly, Garrison realized that her baby wasn’t breathing, which practically immobilized her from shock. Garrison knew she needed paramedics on site as fast as possible as her baby’s life was on the line. She called for help.

Just over a block away, mechanic Jeff Olson was half-way through a car repair when an app on his smartphone started going off like crazy. He was CPR certified, and the app connected to local emergency services notified Olson that a life needed saving. Without hesitation, Olson dropped his tools and rushed to Garrison’s location.

He ran into the store, and picked up the baby who had turned blue from the lack of oxygen. What seemed like an eternity later, a life was saved:

All thanks to Olson and his fast acting, this baby has another chance at life.

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