Teenagers Save Kidnapped Girl By Chasing Criminal Until He Gives Up

The teenagers in this story are incredibly brave for what they did, and, thanks to them, a little 5-year-old girl is still with her family to this day.

It’s a fear every parent has when their children are out of reach – a criminal snatching the child and running away to do the unthinkable. It a terrifying thing to imagine as it could happen the moment you look away.

It was a sunny Thursday afternoon in Lancaster, Pennsylvania when 5-year-old Josyln Rojas was playing in the front lawn of her family’s home. Although she was only steps away from her front door, an unidentified man stepped up to her while no one was looking. Seconds later, she and the man had vanished – she was kidnapped.

Josyln’s mother was with her daughter only a short moment earlier, but when she came back, she was gone. Knowing her daughter wouldn’t run off and fearing the worst, the mother called police and told others what had happened. News spread, and a frantic search for the 5-year-old began.

15-year-old Tamar Boggs and his friend, Chris, were casually riding around on their bikes when one of them spotted a little girl in a moving car. Knowing that Joslyn had been reported missing, they came closer to inspect. What follows has made them heroes:

The two teenagers had chased the speeding car on their bikes for 15 “heart-pounding” minutes until the kidnapper panicked and gave up the girl. Although the criminal got away from the scene, the 5-year-old girl was safe at last.

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