Bus Driver Aids Half-Naked Woman At Bus Stop Once Realizing She Was Running From Domestic Violence

Dan Stoddard, a bus driver from Ottawa, was working the night shift, routinely driving from stop to stop. It was 1 A.M. in the morning, and Stoddard knew something was terribly awry when he came to this particular stop – a half-naked young woman was sitting alone in the dark. Once seeing that the young woman wasn’t getting on the bus once he pulled up, Stoddard knew he had to step in to help her – she was clearly distressed.

Stoddard stepped out of the bus to comfort her and to see if everything was alright. That’s when he learned that she had been constantly assaulted and verbally abused back at home, and that she was trying to escape it all. Without hesitation, Stoddard offered to help.

Stoddard convinced the woman to get on the bus to talk with him, where he then contacted emergency services. While police were on their way, he continued to ease her mind of everything – he comforted her in every way he could. When police arrived, he consoled her one last time before parting ways, and continued to finish his route. Stoddard says that he was just doing his job, and that he’d do it all again.

Incredibly humble man, and a hero to say the least. He only hopes that she is safe now.

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