Rescued Dog Returns The Favor By Saving Baby That Wasn't Breathing

A dog’s loyalty and love for their humans is something special, and shouldn’t be taken for granted.

The Brousseau family had rescued Duke, a hopeless dog with nowhere to go, just over 6 years earlier. Since his rescue, Duke’s obedience and loyalty had always impressed the Brousseau family. That’s why Duke’s suddenly odd behavior by jumping and shaking uncontrollably on their bed shocked them. It was the middle of the night, and Duke had waken Mr. and Mrs. Brousseau up.

“He is insanely obedient, so this was extremely bizarre,” said Jenna Brousseau in an interview. She immediately knew something was wrong by the way Duke was acting, and the first thing the married couple thought was to check on their 9-week-old baby.

It was discovered that the 9-week-old had stopped breathing completely, and that Duke was the only one who knew. The Brousseau couple immediately called for an ambulance. Once paramedics arrives, the baby was revived my medical personnel, and rushed to the hospital. If Duke had stayed silent, or if he wasn’t there, the 9-week-old’s tale would have been much more grim.

It’s clear Duke loves his family, and the Brousseau family couldn’t be more grateful for what he has done. This is one amazing pup!

Dogs are just incredible, and this one is an angel in disguise.

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