CHILLING Surveillance Video Shows The Moment A Child Is Snatched In Front Of Mother

A disturbing video showing a cold-bloodied man grabbing a 4-year-old girl right in front of her mother has emerged online.

In the video, the little girl is seen standing next to the door of a store in Victorville, California, while her mother, cradling another child, stands further away. Suddenly, the girl is snatched by a man from outside.

The distressed mother chased after the assailant and was unable to catch him and save her daughter.

Police have confirmed that Terry Ransom, 24, of Hesperia, California, grabbed the girl, as she was standing next to the door, and pulled her outside before losing his grip and running away.

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I’m so glad mom was able to save her little girl. Parents can never be too vigilant when it comes to protecting their children.

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