Little Boy Returns To School After Being Sick. What Follows Has Set The Internet Abuzz

A video of a little boy named Tyler returning to school after a short absence has stolen the internet’s heart. And you’ll see why.

Tyler had been off school sick for a week. His first day back was captured on camera by his father Shawn Harris.

The clip shows Tyler nervously walking into his classroom. But he didn’t need to worry about how his return would be received. As soon as he steps through the door, he gets the most heart-warming welcome ever!

One student yells: “Hello Tyler!” As the kids gather around him excitedly, one little girl hugs him. She then touches his hair and says: “You had a haircut!”

The adorable footage has gone viral online with thousands of users commenting on the touching moment.

One user wrote: “As a parent, watching little kids support each other like that is tear-jerking.”

One parent said: “I was always a sucker for this kind of thing, but since becoming a dad I just melt immediately.”

Another said: “They’re so innocent. And never judge anyone. They’re the best things in the world.”

“This is the norm in my nephew’s preschool class. It’s so darn adorable to see every day. They just love each other so much,” Another added.

And one wrote: “As a young uncle it makes me wanna tear up a tad.”

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