Veteran Uses Mind-Controlled Prosthetic To Return To A Normal Life

There have been many advancements for those injured to return to a normal life, and the most recent ones… well “you have to see it to believe it”.

In July of 2012, United States Marine Staff Sgt. James Sides was on his second tour in Afghanistan. While on duty, Staff Sgt. Sides unfortunately came across and IED, an improvised explosive device. The booby-trapped device exploded as he passed over it. Although he had survived the blast, he was severely injured.

Sides had lost a portion of his right arm and had lost much of the vision is his left eye. His life had drastically changed in an instant.

Once recovering and returning to his home in Denver, Colorado, Sides had only wanted to return to how things were once before. It was difficult to adjust, but then a revolutionary treatment arose.

In 2014, the veteran volunteered for a new technology – a mind-controlled prosthetic hand with functioning fingers and thumbs. Although it wasn’t a fully-confirmed treatment meet, Sides was eager to try.

Only two weeks after surgery, he successfully had control of his new hand. The results are almost unbelievable:

Incredible! Even Sides didn’t think that this technology would arise in his lifetime – a fully functioning robotic arm controlled by his mind was now helping him get back to a normal life.

I can only hope those who have lost limbs will have access to this as well.

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