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There is nothing as extraordinary as a mother’s will to protect her child’s life. A discovery made by a rescue group in Asia following an earthquake provides the best evidence of this.

On April 25th, a series of powerful earthquakes and aftershocks rocked Nepal, inflicting untold devastation upon cities, villages, and the people living in them. But the story of one 4-month-old baby boy’s rescue 22 hours after he was trapped by the earthquake has touched the world.

Nepalese soldiers were searching hard for survivors and stumbled upon a woman buried in the rubble of a house. She was huddled up – almost as if she were hugging something.

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The woman seems to have already been dead for some time, but the group leader decides to take a closer look.

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He drops to his knees and clears the area beneath her only to make an incredible discovery: A cloth bag drops from the arms of the dead woman. Inside he finds a little boy still alive! Immediately, a doctor is called to examine the child.

When the men reach into the bag, they find a cell phone with a message on its display. Everyone passes the phone around to read the message and as soon as they do they all dissolve into tears. The message said: “In case you survive, always remember that I love you.”

Her unbelievable sacrifice has already touched the hearts of millions, as it shows that love always prevails – even over death.

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