Fishermen Find Exhausted Deer In The Middle Of Ocean Waters, Save It Just In Time

Sometimes, animals find themselves in the oddest of situations. When you’re out in the middle of deep waters, one of the last things you’d expect to come across is a deer!

These guys decided to go out for some mid-day fishing – they hopped on their boat, started the engine and made their way out into the ocean. While scanning the horizon, they noticed something strange floating in the distance and came in closer to inspect. Although in disbelief, these men realized it was a deer struggling to stay afloat in the middle of ocean waters – the deer had begun swimming in the wrong way. Immediately, they jumped into action to rescue it.

Improvising, the men gently and carefully wrapped some rope they had around the antlers of the deer, and began towing the deer back to shore. Once on land, they wrapped the deer with blankets for warmth and stayed with the deer until it had rested enough. Eventually, the distressed deer was able to walk again.

Cold, weak, and exhausted, this deer’s chances of survival were low. Thanks to these men, a life was saved. Watch the awesome rescue for yourself:

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